The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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Taking regular financial advice is an important first step in getting the support and advice necessary to ensure that you have an excellent opportunity to achieve your goals and objectives. But there is more to investing than putting spare cash into an account and hoping for the best.

At Together, we get to know you, before giving any advice. Ideally, you are already our friend. But, even if not, we’ll sit down over coffee and discuss your current circumstances and what you want to achieve through investing.

Once we know all of this, we discuss your attitude to risk and complete an independent risk profile using a system which asks you to respond to 12 statements and determines how much risk you are willing to, need to and are able to take.

We use all of the above information to advise you through your investment journey. We will explain the options available and how they work with your needs, or maybe why they aren’t such a great idea for you. Ultimately, all decisions are your own, we just offer an expert, and friendly, opinion.

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“We feel Adam went the extra mile to look after us with the personal touch.”

“Karen Murphy was absolutely excellent! Very responsive and went out of her way to make things run smoothly. Kevin Ellicott was also very helpful.”

“Ally has given us excellent advice and made some suggestions which we would never have thought of. Jackie has kept us very informed. Thank you.”

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