For the unforseen

We all need insurance to safeguard our bricks and mortar as well as our worldly belongings. But would your policy stack up if you had to make a claim on it? This is the time when we find out just how important it is to get the right policy, at the right price, at the start!

And who would pay your mortgage if you were unable to? Few people protect their mortgage, but do protect a small bank loan. When you consider that your mortgage is the largest, most important financial commitment you’ll ever make – is yours safe?

With Together Financial Solutions, you’re in safe hands!

When it comes to choosing insurance for your home there are a number of things to consider, but the most important of all is ensuring your home and possessions are adequately covered. How would you know if they were, or weren’t? By speaking to an expert who understands the small print of the wide array of policies, could save you a packet should something unfortunate happen. At Together Financial Solutions we understand that you want the most suitable policy, both in terms of cover and price. What we won’t do is give you a quote off our website; but what we will do is speak to you about your own specific requirements and give you and your family time to discuss your needs.

And this goes right down the line to mortgage protection as well.

  • Ask yourself one question, ‘Can I afford not to protect my mortgage?’

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